New Scientist

Fossil trove reveals three new species of ancient egg-laying mammals
Tamiflu seems to relieve noise-induced hearing loss in mice
Hungry deer may have driven tiny plant evolution on Japanese island
AI can predict landmine areas from satellite images
Tiny black holes hiding in the sun could trace out stunning patterns
An amazing great bustard gets ready for a new nature exhibition
Sci-fi author Martha Wells on what a machine intelligence might want
Don't forget birds and bats when renovating or building new homes
Read an extract from All Systems Red by Martha Wells
Three years of high temperatures will mean we have breached 1.5°C
Hot Atlantic sets the stage for extreme hurricane season
Male birth control injection causes reversible infertility in mice
Ants learn faster on caffeine
Earth-like exoplanet found just 40 light years away – the closest yet
El Niño is ending after a year of driving extreme weather
Amazing new images of galaxies and nebulae caught by Euclid telescope
Huge nose of male proboscis monkeys is key to mating success
About 1 in 9 children in the US have been diagnosed with ADHD

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