Tech Crunch

Survey finds relatively few Americans actually use (or fear) ChatGPT
Angry Miao’s AM AFA R2 is part sculpture, part keyboard
Free dating app Cosmic uses personality quizzes to make a profile for you
Subletting app Kiki raises $6M by using dating app concepts to match listings and renters
Klaviyo could break the unicorn IPO logjam
10 years at TechCrunch
Google Flights will now tell you when it’s the cheapest time to book
Leadsales targets LatAm businesses with conversational commerce tool for WhatsApp
Devolut leverages e-commerce growth in Latin America to develop reverse logistics tool
Reliance’s financial services unit to offer insurance, merchant lending
After Threads, Bluesky also adds a way to see your own likes
The battery business is booming and Zeekr kicks off it IPO roadshow
Never express your ‘use of funds’ slide as percentages’s public market debut was
A Brazilian phone spyware was hacked and victims’ stolen device data ‘deleted’
The mugshot that launched a thousand memes
How founders raised money so far in 2023
VFX artists show that Hollywood can use AI to create, not exploit

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