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Microsoft’s all-knowing Recall AI feature is being delayed
Former head of NSA joins OpenAI board
Feds arrest Adderall telehealth CEO under Controlled Substances Act
Amazon is reportedly way behind on its new Alexa
Apple’s Sunny makes everyone seem like a suspect in new trailer
LinkedIn expands its AI job-hunting features for Premium subscribers
Google extends repair program for Pixel 8 phones plagued by a pink vertical line
Tesla shareholders approve Elon Musk’s massive pay package — was there ever any doubt?
Tesla investors sue Elon Musk for launching a rival AI company
Tesla’s 2024 shareholder meeting: all the news about Elon Musk’s $50 billion payday
Maybe we don’t have to capture so much carbon, study suggests
GuliKit’s anti-drift Hall effect sticks are coming for your PS5, PS4, Xbox, and Switch Pro gamepads
iOS 18 will let you use Apple Pay on desktop Chrome by scanning a code
This LED mask hides your face behind a creepy pixelated smile
Finally, the Apple Watch will let you rest
Ford slims down dealership EV requirements after pushback
SCOTUS upholds abortion pill access — for now
WhatsApp’s video call upgrades make it even more Zoom-like

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