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The Witcher is getting a fifth season on Netflix
Taylor Swift’s new song was a CD-only exclusive — that didn’t last long
How to save battery life on your iPhone
Naughty Dog announces ‘brand-new single player experience’ alongside Last of Us multiplayer delay
John Wick 5 is already in ‘early development,’ according to Lionsgate
Gollum developers apologize for the game’s ‘underwhelming experience’
Tears of the Kingdom’s latest update patches multiple duplication glitches
Tesla Model Y is the first EV to become the world’s bestselling car
LG’s latest OLED TVs are already on sale in the run-up to Memorial Day
Netflix might ruin password sharing for everyone
Iconic yellow school bus maker opens new electric bus factory
Thunderbolts becomes latest Marvel movie to be hit by writers’ strike
Alone in the Dark’s new footage is full of terror — and you can play a demo right now
The FDA will apparently let Elon Musk put a computer in a human’s brain
YouTube will let you watch unlimited NFL Sunday Ticket streams, but only at home
Tesla leak reportedly shows thousands of Full Self-Driving safety complaints
Ford EV will use Tesla’s charging plug starting next year
Belkin’s fast-charging Apple Watch power bank might actually be witchcraft

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